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Diver Removes Hook From Shark

A distressed nurse shark was spotted with a hook in its mouth and entangled on a reef in Florida. 

Two divers initially attempted to free the shark but were unsuccessful. They upon another brave diver for help...

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How did the divers remove the hook?

The diver tried to calm the shark before attempting to remove the hook. Using his strength and resourcefulness, the diver managed to cut the steel line. 

Sadly, the shark swam off before he could remove the hook. Although the hook remains it will come out. Swipe up to find out how. 

Ghost fishing happens when abandoned fishing gear continues to catch and kill fish, birds and other marine wildlife. This also spoils the beauty of our natural world. 

Ghost Fishing

Nurse sharks have quite a long lifespan compared to other sharks. They can live up to 25-30 years in the wild. Explore more facts about these sharks. 

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Diver Removes Hook from Shark's Mouth.  Watch this remarkable rescue tale unfold.