Shark Week Sparks Concern  Over

Cocaine Sharks  in Florida

A theory has emerged that sharks are consuming bales of cocaine causing them to behave erratically. 

Just last month, $ 186 million worth of illegal narcotics washed up along the Coast of Florida. 

$ 186 million

Are sharks really consuming cocaine?

To test this theory, scientists placed bales of faux cocaine in the water. They even added a stimulant similar to cocaine. Can you guess what is was?

One of the scientist noticed something strange. The shark could choose between the fake bale of drugs or their regular food. Which one do you think it picked?

Many studies have shown the effects of drugs in waterways. One study even found that meth caused addiction...

Drug Effects on Other Animals

It is reasonable to think that sharks are coming into contact with illegal drugs. This event sparks concern over how this is affecting our sharks. 


Are 'Cocaine Sharks' a real cause over concern? Find out the truth in this article.