Diving with Tiger Sharks

Imagine submerging into the blue, knowing that soon you will encounter one of the most efficient predators on this planet.

Size - Up to 5 metres Diving Depth - 350 metres Speed - 30 km/hr Lifespan - Up to 50 years in the wild Tiger sharks constantly have to swim. Otherwise, they sink.

Attributes of Tiger Sharks

The tiger sharks are hunted as the fins, the skin and the oil of the liver are considered to be very high quality and achieve high sales prices. They are classified as potentially endangered by IUCN.

Endangerment of Tiger Sharks

Bahamas is known for its crystal clear waters and calm blue colours. The area has been made into a marine sanctuary and the reefs nearby have a variety of marine life and corals, making the area exquisite for divers. Best time - November to May

#1 – Tiger Beach, Bahamas

Thousands of pelagic marine animals gather at the cleaning stations throughout the year. An absolute highlight for every diver! You will always see dozens of tiger sharks. Best time - All year

#2 – Fuvahmulah, Maldives

Another area which has undergone vast ecosystem developments. Within this reserve, you are able to witness reef sharks, nurse sharks as well as the mysterious tiger shark. Best time - All year

#3 – Beqa Island, Fiji

Situated 7km off the shore of South Africa, the Protea Banks is a reef which lies at a depth of 27-40m. At the Protea Banks, divers are able to dive and get close up with the tiger sharks. Best time - March to June

#4 – Protea Banks, South Africa

Traveling to the warm, tropical waters of Hawaii and swimming with tiger sharks, enables you to enjoy many other unique species, in this very rich living reef ecosystem. Best  time - May – September.

#5 – Hawaii, USA

The large number of shipwrecks here create many hidden spots to dive with tiger sharks. It is easily accessible, and a fun opportunity to dive with all sorts of marine life within various shipwrecks. Best time - June – October.

#6 – North Carolina, USA

The Socorro Islands are four volcanic islands where you can find not only tiger sharks, but also other forms of marine life like giant manta rays as well as blue whales. Best time - Nov – May.

#7 – Socorro Island, Mexico

Comparison Between a Tiger Shark and a Great White Shark

- Great White Sharks are dark gray with white bellies.Tiger Sharks are brown-gray with dark stripes. - Great White Sharks are bulkier.Tiger Sharks are sleeker.

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