Do Ladybugs Bite?

Ladybugs are truly fascinating creatures, with their symbolic red hue,  bold black spots, and playful antics sure to bring joy to even the  grumpiest of individuals

From using infestations as natural pest control for your garden to releasing them during special celebratory moments, learning about ladybugs is an exciting experience!

The reasons why ladybugs don’t bite lie in both their anatomy and behavior.


They also have chewing mouthparts that help them eat aphids (a type of  tiny plant-sucking insect). However, these parts lack any venom or  toxins that could be used to harm humans or other animals.


Ladybug behavior also plays a role in whether they can bite or not. For  the most part, these insects are pretty peaceful and non-aggressive.


When threatened

As such by larger predators such as birds, cats, or even humans,  they usually fly away rather than attempting to attack or defend  themselves from the threat.

However, a ladybug may try to “escape” by crawling onto a person’s skin – but it won’t bite down and injure you!

Escape plan

Though ladybugs are harmless to humans, some other insects look  similar, which may cause some confusion – some of which do have the  ability to bite humans!

Other biting insects

In Europe, it was believed that your wishes would come true if one ladybug landed on you!


A swarm of ladybugs descended from the heavens on  midsummer’s eve to protect children from evil spirits who wished to  cause them harm

European legend

They’re believed to represent how many years you’ll have good luck, with each dot representing one year!

Their spots

There is still so much more to discover!

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