Dog-Friendly Thanksgiving Foods

As Thanksgiving approaches, the tantalizing aroma of a festive feast  fills the air

with the joyful ambiance, it’s tempting to include  our furry companions in the culinary celebration.

However, before you share that plate

it’s crucial to know which Thanksgiving foods are safe for your dog and which can lead to unexpected visits to the vet

Sweet potatoes, loaded with fiber, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and beta-carotene, make for a healthy Thanksgiving treat for your pup

While your dog may relish the occasional french fry, opt for boiled or  baked potatoes without the indulgence of butter, cream, onions, or  garlic

Save the whipped mashed potatoes for your plate to keep the holiday meal canine-friendly.

Apples as a nutritious Thanksgiving treat, rich in vitamins A and C

However, avoid apple seeds, as they can be toxic.

Fresh apple slices or an apple-cinnamon dog cookie will surely please your pup’s palate.

Wondering if dogs can enjoy turkey on Thanksgiving?

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