Dolphin Gang Kills Harbour Porpoise In Rare Sighting

Dolphins are celebrated for their intelligence and playful behaviour.

However, recent events in Cardigan Bay, West Wales, have cast these marine mammals in a different light.

Joshua Pedley from SeaMôr Dolphin Watching Boat Trips captured an encounter of a lifetime

as a pod of bottlenose dolphins launched a deadly attack on a harbour porpoise, a smaller marine mammal.

We spoke with Joshua Pedley to get his insights after witnessing this rare and perplexing encounter

“I have been seeing bottlenose dolphins as good as daily for the last five years. After all that time, to witness them do something you have never before seen is really special.

Brutal for the harbour porpoise, but nature can be brutal at times. Bottlenose dolphins aren’t quite as cute and friendly as they are made out to be.

The photos captured of this encounter are possibly the best documentation of this behaviour to ever be recorded.”

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