Dolphins Get High Playing Catch With A Pufferfish

The ocean’s mysteries continue to astound us, revealing hidden wonders of nature that often defy our expectations.

One remarkable discovery is the intriguing behavior of bottlenose dolphins indulging in an unusual recreation

Imagine a group of dolphins passing around a pufferfish, not for a meal, but for hits of tetrodotoxin

a potent neurotoxin secreted by these curious underwater creatures

The secret behind this aquatic escapade lies in tetrodotoxin, a  neurotoxin that, in high doses, can prove fatal to humans and dolphins  if ingested

However, pufferfish release this toxin only when threatened

In the case of dolphins, they seem to have mastered the art of microdosing

Instead of swallowing the pufferfish, they cradle them at the tip of their mouths, akin to how humans handle a joint

This delicate balance ensures they enjoy the narcotic effects without risking their lives.

They fall into a state of pure euphoria

their movements graceful and languid

Much like humans sharing a moment of connection under the influence, the  dolphins huddle together, seemingly entranced by the experience.

There is still so much more to discover about these incredible creatures!

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