By Josie  October 11th, 2023

Drive-Through Safari Goes From Quality Family Time to Absolute Chaos

As with most family outings, this drive-through safari went from a serene experience to absolute chaos.

A sunny afternoon, a car filled with three excited kids, and a drive-through safari adventure.

Armed with their buckets of pellets, the children were eager to feed the animals and witness wildlife up close.

Drive Through Safari

A drive-through safari offers a unique blend of adventure and safety, allowing visitors to experience the thrill of the wild from the comfort of their vehicles.

It’s an immersive experience, bridging the gap between the wild outdoors and the controlled environment of a zoo.

As they drive through the serene environment, surrounded by nature’s beauty, the atmosphere is thick with expectation.

This peace is abruptly shattered when an ostrich, bold and uninvited, sticks its head through the car window.

Drive-Through Safari Becomes Chaos

As complete panic ensues in the backseat, the mother, positioned in the foreground, can’t help but snicker.

Despite the children’s screams, she knows that the ostrich, although intimidating, is relatively harmless in this context.

Ostriches, with their beak designed for pecking at food rather than tearing flesh, can’t really inflict harm with a bite.

Ostrich Bite

In the wild, an ostrich’s kick can be a formidable defense mechanism, strong enough to ward off predators and threats.

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