By Josie October 19th, 2023

Drunk Polish Man Sneaks Into an Angry Bear’s Enclosure

This video shows a drunk Polish man who sneaks into a bear’s enclosure – displaying a complete lack of respect for both the bear and the zoo.

In a shocking incident at a zoo in Poland, a man under the influence of alcohol found himself in a perilous situation.

He had climbed into a bear enclosure, leading to a dangerous confrontation that could have ended tragically.

A Lack of Respect

The man’s intrusion into the bear’s enclosure exemplifies a blatant disregard for the animal’s well-being.

In his bid to escape, the man jumped into the water within the enclosure.

However, this development accentuated the peril, as bears are adept swimmers.

A Close Call

The man, though inebriated, managed to grip the bear’s face, granting him a moment to escape.

This incident underscores the imperative of respecting animals’ spaces and the psychological and physical toll imposed on them by human encroachment.

The incident in Poland underscores an urgent need to bolster security measures at zoos worldwide.


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It reaffirms the zoo’s commitment to safeguarding both its animal residents and visitors. However, in this situation, it’s the drunk man that’s at entirely at fault.

It is a reminder that wildlife, even in captivity, retains its natural instincts.

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