Eagle vs. Elephant

The majestic eagle or the mighty elephant?

Bald eagles are powerful hunters who attack with sharp talons and beaks. They fly and soar at high speeds over vast distances, hunting for small mammals and fish. They live in wooded areas near bodies of water, building large nests in trees or on cliffsides.

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Elephants primarily eat grasses and leaves while consuming fruits, tree bark and roots. During dry seasons they migrate in search of food and water sources in groups called herds led by the oldest female elephant – the matriarch.

Get to know them

The average adult eagle weighs about 4-6 pounds. While an African elephant can range from 4,500 to 14,000 pounds!  This tremendous size differential gives the elephant a significant advantage when exerting force.

Physical Differences

Eagles have been observed flying at speeds up to 200 mph. While the top recorded speed for an elephant is only 25 mph! This remarkable difference in speed makes it very difficult for elephants to outrun any predators they may encounter in the wild.

Physical Differences

Eagles live in wetlands, forests, grasslands, or mountain ranges.  Trees are vital to an eagle’s habitat as they perch atop them for long periods so they can easily spot prey below.

Eagle Habitat

The primary abode of elephants is within the tropical forests and savannas of Africa and Asia. They are considered a “keystone species” due to their eating of plants and helping spread seeds across the landscape where they roam.

Elephant Habitat

Eagles feed on small animals such as rodents, fish, snakes, and carrion. Elephants are mainly herbivorous creatures, eating various fruits, leaves, grasses, bark, roots, and flowers. 


Eagles tend to mate for life with their partners. The female will lay one or two eggs which take about 35 days to hatch. The gestation period for elephants is typically 22 months long before giving birth to a single calf.

Breeding Habits

Eagles are calm towards humans but tend to act aggressively when provoked or threatened.  Elephants may be curious or even friendly towards people but also wary or defensive if startled or threatened.

Interaction With Humans

Both animals are remarkable in their own right and both play an important role in the environment!

Wrapping Up

There are vast amounts of  info on these majestic animals!

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