By Josie  September 7th, 2023

Elephant Receives Snacks From Friendly Monks Passing By

An elephant, already munching on sugarcane, receives snacks from monks.

Clearly, this creature loves snacks, but then again – who doesn’t?

Elephants are known for their immense size and equally large appetites.

Their favorite snacks are usually fresh fruits, including bananas, apples, and berries. They also love munching on sugarcane.

The Footage

The Footage

As it approaches a group of four monks, it pauses, seemingly recognizing the opportunity for a snack.

The first snack is enjoyed on the scene, a testament to the elephant’s trust and comfort in the presence of the monks.

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Co-Existing With Elephants

In various communities, especially in Asian countries, elephants have been living alongside humans for centuries

These majestic creatures exhibit a deep sense of empathy and intelligence, often forming strong bonds with humans they encounter regularly.

Elephants In Buddhism

In the realm of spirituality, particularly in Buddhism, elephants hold a significant place.

They are seen as symbols of mental strength, wisdom, and prosperity.

This elephant that receives snacks from monks reminds us that we can choose to walk hand in hand with the gentle giants of this Earth.

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