By Josie  April 18th, 2023





Although these animals are totally different, they’re both undoubtedly cute while still giving rise to fear in some people.

Who'd win in a battle?

Elephant Vs. Pitbull: Weight

A pitbull weighs between 30-60 pounds.

On the other hand, an elephant can weigh up to two tons!

Elephants are highly social creatures that form tight-knit family bonds with one another.

They use sounds or gestures to express emotions such as joy or sorrow.

Pitbulls are known for loyalty towards owners and extreme sensitivity towards perceived threats or danger in their environment.

They use their sheer size to their advantage as a natural defense against predators

Defence Tactics of Elephants

Elephants have long tusks which they can use for stabbing or gouging.

They have powerful jaws with sharp teeth capable of inflicting great harm and sturdy bodies with muscular legs that allow them to move quickly.

Defence Tactics of Pitbulls

Elephants  are surprisingly agile and fast-moving thanks to their powerful legs.

Elephant vs. Pitbull: Speed

Pitbulls though, can go from 0-30 mph in seconds

Studies show that elephants can produce more than five times the force necessary to kill humans due to their large size and muscular build.

Strength of Elephants

Pitbulls typically generate about 320 pounds per square inch (PSI) of bite force - impressive, but much less than elephants.

Strength of Pitbulls

 So, even though the elephant would probably win because of their size, a pitbull would definitely put up an impressive fight!