Emergence of Wildlife During Lockdown

Are you curious to find out which animals have been spotted around the world, during lockdown?  Read ahead or jump to the headline of your interest.

Coyotes & Black Bears in Yosemite National Park

In California’s now-closed Yosemite National Park, rangers reported seeing bobcats, bears, and coyotes exploring empty tents and administrative buildings without any human distraction.

Lions In Kruger National Park

The Kruger national park wildlife, especially the lions, have been roaming the game park. The usually elusive lions that can normally be found in bush veld are now lounging on the roads throughout the park.

Increased Caracal Sightings in Cape town, South Africa

The more commonly elusive cat known as the Caracal/ “rooikat”, has been spotted frequently during Cape Town’s strict lockdown which enforced not even exercise outdoors.

Wild Boars in the  Streets of Israel 

Wild boars have been roaming residential buildings, and with residents restricted from outside movement during the lockdown, people have begun to fear the return of the boars.

Increases of Pink Flamingos in Albania

Wildlife during shutdown in Albania: With visitors home, boats docked, and factories quieted under a Corona virus lockdown, Albania's pink flamingos and pelicans are thriving in lagoons around the coastline.

Cougars in Santiago, Chile

In recent weeks, Chilean officials have seen cougars entering cities. A statewide nighttime ban owing to the COVID-19 outbreak allowed these cats to wander through an upmarket Santiago area.


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