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By Josie February 24th, 2023

English Bulldog

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Let's get familiar:

Today we'll acquaint ourselves with the dog with a vicious appearance, but which in reality is a real softie with a heart of gold: the English Bulldog.

Fast Facts About the English Bulldog

Origin: England Life span: 8–10 years Weight: 40-50 pounds Height: 13–15 inches Breed group: Non-sporting

History of the English Bulldog

Bullbaiting was a brutal sport that involved the employment of mastiffs, which were imported to the British Isles and bred for combat.

The English Bulldog has a violent history that led to the breed’s name.


They have droopy skin, a rope for a nose, and wrinkles all over their face.

They're identified by their strong, short-legged, and wide-bodied build.


There are four recognized colors for these dogs, according to the American Kennel Club (AKC); these include red, white, fawn, and fallow.


The ideal living environment for a Bulldog is properly ventilated and has enough space for the dog to run around and play.


The United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are just a few of the numerous countries with bulldogs in their canine populations.

Compared To Other Bulldogs

The Old English Bulldog is the rarest bulldog type. It is a bigger and more muscular breed.

Their massive underbite is a defining (and outrageously adorable) characteristic.)


An overweight Bulldog’s joints will suffer; therefore, it’s important to watch their food intake.

High-quality dog food in the range of 1/2 to 2 cups per day, divided between two meals.

Can't Swim

This breed is disadvantaged by their short legs, squished-up faces, and stout bodies, all of which make them terrible swimmers.

Delivery Via C-Section

The safest delivery method for an English Bulldog is a C-section due to their huge heads.

Exercise Requirements

Dog experts advise that they shouldn’t get more than an hour of exercise a day so as to not overexert them.

It is also recommended that they receive numerous shorter walks rather than one long one.

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