Escobar’s Hippos On the Move

BY LINNEA  30 MAY 2023

Pablo Escobar, an infamous drug lord, is renowned for his criminal empire...

but his legacy extends to an unforeseen ecological crisis: his hippos.

Escobar imported four hippos to his extravagant estate...

Unaware that they would multiply into a population exceeding 80, wreaking havoc on Colombia’s waterways.

Dubbed “cocaine hippos,” these non-native creatures threaten the local ecosystem and human safety due to their territorial nature.

Despite efforts to relocate them, the process proves challenging and costly.

Escobar’s hippos were left to roam free when he was killed in 1993, initially viewed as innocuous.

They are now estimated to a population of 80 to 120 hippos, and it is steadily increasing.

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