Explore Georgia's Black Bear Population

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Safety Tips & Frequently Asked Questions For The Black Bear in Georgia

Safety Tips For Spending Time Near Black Bears:


Make noise when walking through the woods because it’s common for bears to avoid humans if they hear them coming


Attracted to food, so keep any snacks or meals stored in bear-proof containers or hung up high


Your best bet is to stand your ground and make yourself look as big as possible

If the bear charges toward you, use a can of bear spray to deter it from getting closer


Frequently Asked Questions:


Estimated Black Bear population is around 5,100

How many Black Bears are in Georgia?

Omnivores and consume a wide variety of food. In Georgia, their diet consists of acorns, berries, insects, small mammals, and occasionally deer or fish

What do Black Bears eat?

Adult male Black Bears in Georgia typically weigh between 250-400 pounds, while females usually weigh 100-200 pounds

What is the average size of a Black Bear in Georgia?


Average length of a Black Bear in Georgia is around six feet

What is the average size of a Black Bear in Georgia?


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