Explore The Azores

Often referred to as Europe’s “Best Kept Secret”, the Azores have become an increasingly popular destination with year-round appeal for travelers.

This cluster of nine idyllic islands off the coast Portugal is an off-the-beaten path destination packed with natural beauty, striking landscapes, and tangible authenticity.

Nowadays the Azores’ main industries are tourism, raising cattle for milk and meat, and fishing.


427 by Portuguese navigators. The Azores islands were populated in the 15th century by pioneers from Portugal although small groups of Flemings settled in some of the islands.

Natural geography

The genesis of the Azores is found upon 1766 volcanoes, nine of which are still active. In the sea, there are submarine geothermal springs.

Unspoiled landscape

The Azores are a world-class destination for adrenaline seekers and nature lovers alike, and the best way to truly discover all the hidden gems around the islands is by hiking.

Corvo ( Black Island)

The smallest of the Azores, Corvo island has only one village, which is home to 468 locals — one of the smallest communities in Europe.

Flores ( Pink Island)

The island gets its name (meaning Flowers) from the luxuriant botanical garden of a landscape covered in goldenrods and pink and blue hydrangeas.

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