Explore Washington's Cougar Population


Diet, Characteristics, Habit, & Frequently Asked Questions About The Mountain Lion


Have a varied diet that includes deer, elk, and small mammals like rabbits and rodents

Social characteristics

They are secretive and elusive, making them challenging to study, but researchers have learned that they are territorial and communicate through vocalizations and scent marking

Adaptions for hunting

Their retractable claws are razor-sharp and are essential for catching and holding onto prey.

Scientific Name

Puma concolor

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many cougars are there in Washington State?

Ranging from 2,500 to 3,000 individuals

Where can I potentially encounter cougars in Washington? Found throughout Washington state, including both forested and semi-arid regions


Are cougars a threat to humans? What precautions should I take?

While cougars are solitary and generally avoid humans, they must be cautious when exploring their habitat. Cougar attacks on humans are extremely rare, but taking precautions is still crucial

Preferred habitat

Adaptable to various types of environments, including forests, shrublands, deserts, and mountainous regions

Preferred habitat

Require a mix of vegetation cover for hunting and hiding, as well as suitable prey populations


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