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January 18th, 2023

Alpine Goat

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Fun Facts 

The Alpine goat inhabits great altitudes and can gracefully jump around steep mountain slopes

They're very similar to the goats most of us are familiar with, except for some amazing adaptations.

Here's some fun facts we bet you didn't know about them!

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But first,  let's familiarize  ourselves with them a little bit:

Scientific name: Capra Hircus Family: Bovidae Diet: Herbivore Habitat: Mountainous regions and farmlands Distribution: The Alps (European Alpine,) from Alaska to Utah primarily in British Colombia (American Alpine) Population: 80,000- 110,000 individuals Level of Endangerment: Of least concern



Compared to other goats they are on the heavier side.

Males measure 31 inches at the withers and weigh 170 lbs (with females typically weighing 135 lbs.)

They have straight snouts and are the only goats with erect ears.

Fun Fact #1

Fun Fact #1

Much like trees, an Alpine goat’s horns form an “age ring” each year.

This allows breeders to determine their age simply by investigating their horns.

They will always have one ring less than their age.

Fun Fact #2 

The Alpine goat’s intelligence is often overlooked.

Just like dogs, they are able to learn their names and can respond when called.

Fun Fact #3

Fun Fact #3

Alpine goats are not only extremely adorable, they can also assist in the social welfare of a community.

Farming of Alpine goats provides employment opportunities in rural areas.

Also, their milk is high in protein and sugar, making it agreat nuttrionional source for impoversihed persons.

Now for some frequently asked questions:

Why are Alpine goats so good at climbing?

Their hooves are perfectly designed to make them great climbers.

They're divided into two parts, allowing better grip on rocks.

Likewise, they're coated with a rubbery texture to prevent slipping.

Alpine goats venture up to risky heights in search of their favorite foods.

They also crave salt, which they obtain by licking certain rocks that they can find at higher altitudes.

Why do Alpine goats climb steep mountains?

How much do Alpine goats eat?

On average they only need to consume about 5 – 7% of their body weight.

Alpine goats are not huge eaters.

Although, when female goats lactate, farmers tend to feed them more in order to accelerate their milk production.

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There you go! Now you know a whole lot more about these alpine acrobats.