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January 18th, 2023


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Fun Facts 

The Walrus is a huge seal-like animal that are easy to identify due to their huge and characteristic tusks.

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However, their huge tusks are only one out of their many fascinating features.

We've compiled some fun facts about them that might surprise you!

But first, let's get to know them a little bit better!

Scientific name: Odobenus Rosmarus Family: Odobenidae Diet: Carnivore (mostly marine life) Habitat: Ice covered coastal regions Distribution: Northern Canada & Greenland (Atlantic Walrus), seas north of Russia & Alaska (Pacific Walrus) Population: 120,000 individuals Level of Endangerment: Vulnerable


Its hide-like skin is cinnamon-colored with lots of wrinkles and covered with a red stubble.

An adult male usually weighs 1,800 – 3,700 lbs, and females weigh a third of this.


Fun Fact #1

Fun Fact #1

Walruses live in extreme arctic climates.

In order to endure this they've evolved the ability to slow down their heart rate when swimming in the icy waters in search of food..

Fun Fact #2 

Fun Fact #2 

Walruses are highly social animals (living in groups of up to 100 individuals) and also extremely vocal.

They frequently bellow and snort – very loudly – to communicate with each other.

Males also perform vocal displays underwater to attract females.

Fun Fact #3

Fun Fact #3

However, native communities living near their habitat are granted concessions.

Due to their population reduction poaching of Walruses has been made illegal.

They are allowed to kill a small number for sustenance each year.

Fun Fact #4

Fun Fact #4

During the 18th and 19th century Arctic explorers would consume Walrus meat.

However, this was only when absolutely necessary as their meat is not really tasty.

In contrast, though, their tongue was regarded a delicacy.

Fun Fact #5 

Fun Fact #5 

Contrary to the majority of our planet’s species, mating of Walruses is not only dependent on the female being fertile

Walrus males are also only fertile during a certain period.

Their fertility-window only occurs in February and therefore this is the breeding season.

Fun Fact #6

Fun Fact #6

Because they feed right by the ocean floor where little sunlight reaches they locate their food by means of their whiskers.

Their whiskers, are called vibrissae. They are very sensitive and provide them with high tactility which helps them identify prey.

Now you know a lot more about the Walrus-lifestyle!

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