By Josie  November 15th, 2023

Watch: This Dog Collects His Own Eggs For Breakfast

Meet one of the goodest boys ever: Minion, the dog who collects the eggs for his breakfast all by himself every single morning!

Each morning, Minion eagerly approaches the chicken coop and gently picks up the freshly laid eggs.

Minion's Morning Routine

A Good Boy

He places his harvest in his own little basket with the utmost care, and then proudly trots back inside knowing he’s about to be rewarded with his fave brekkie meal.

Some argue that raw eggs are safe as long as they don’t form the mainstay of a dog’s diet, as they are rich in protein​​.

Is It Good to Feed Your Dog Raw Eggs?

However, others warn against the practice due to the risks of salmonella or E. coli and the possibility of decreasing the absorption of other nutrients.

If possible, it might be preferable to cook the eggs before serving them to your furry companion.

Nutritional Benefits for Dogs

Eggs are packed with essential proteins, amino acids, and fatty acids. This contributes both to a shiny coat and healthy skin.

Together with a well-rounded diet, they boost the immune system and help with cell growth and repair.

When introducing eggs to your dog’s diet remember that moderation is key!

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