By Josie  October 19th, 2023

Gaza Man Cares For Over 350 Dogs Affected by the War

The consequences of war affect everyone, even our furry companions, which is why this selfless Gaza man founded a shelter and cares for over 350 dogs.

The founder of Sulala Animal Rescue, al-Err has dedicated his life to providing care for over 350 abandoned dogs.

His unwavering commitment highlights the often-overlooked victims of war: our beloved pets.

Al-Err’s journey began with a horrifying revelation – a municipality’s official campaign offering monetary rewards for killing stray dogs.

Fighting Back

In opposition to this cruel order by the government, he began advocating for the rights and welfare of these innocent beings.

With limited resources but an indomitable spirit, al-Err established Gaza’s first animal shelter. He now cares for 350+ dogs.

The Shelter

Al-Err’s vision extends beyond immediate rescue. He aspires to establish fully equipped shelters and raise awareness about animal welfare.

The Journey Ahead

Every saved dog, every educated mind, marks a step towards a world where the welfare of all living beings is integral to societal development.

We need to ensure that the voiceless victims of war are not forgotten.

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