Getting To Know 

Getting To Know 


By Josie

January 3, 2023

The modern age lizards bear a resemblance to the prehistoric reptiles that existed in the dinosaur era.

They are reptiles, closely related to snakes. 

Let's get to know them a lil' better!

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Despite looking so intimidating, it’s a very lazy lizard that strolls around, feeding on ants.

1.Thorny Dragon

They reside in Western Australia.

They have three horns, making it resemble the Triceratops dinosaur.

2. Jackson’s Chameleon

Their color depends on weather or their temperamental changes.

These lizards have a life span of about 55 years

3. Galápagos Land Iguana

They have a mutualistic relationship with local finches.

They are inhabitants of tropical rainforests of Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Honduras.

4. Green Basilisk

They're distinguished from snakes due to their ability to blink their eyelids and their ability to drop their tail.

5. Slow Worm

Because they are leg-less many mistake them for snakes.

They are one of the fastest species inhabiting central and Western Australia.

6.  Perentie Monitor

These guys can grow to be 2 m long.

The Rhinoceros Iguana inhabits the Caribbean, predominantly the island of Hispaniola.

7. Rhinoceros Iguana

This is a small lizard of about 11 inches, found in Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

8. Common Leopard Gecko

These lizards can feed on anything and everything.

This was only eight of these scaly creatures in mesmerising colors,

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