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Giant Whale  Fossil Takes On Blue Whale

A fossil of an ancient whale has been discovered in Peru. The whale could be the heaviest creature to have existed. Find out more. 

The bones of this whale are incredibly dense suggesting it lived in shallow waters, like manatees. 

The Fossil

Is this whale larger than the largest whale on earth?

This discovery provides us valuable insight into the diverse life forms that once roamed our earth and lived in the ancient seas. 

These bones were actually discovered 10 years ago.. why did the scientists wait so long to share this with the public?

This rare discovery may for the first time break the record for the heaviest marine creature to ever exist. 

First of a kind

The experts say it could way more than twice the weight of a blue whale. But is it as long as the blue whale?

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Giant Whale Discover Challenges Blue Whale Record.