By Josie  April 18th, 2024

Golden Retriever Catches Huge Fish in River

The Golden Retriever is hailed worldwide as the perfect family dog – but originally they were meant to be hunting dogs.

This Golden Retriever shows us it hasn’t forgotten its roots and catches a huge fish!

This Golden Retriever shows us its inherent hunting skills by catching a fish from a lake and dragging it up on shore.

The Footage

Although this doggo was initially meant to be a hunter’s companion, it is now mostly known as the ideal family dog who loves cuddles and snacks.

Why They're Golden Dogs

They’re also famous for their intelligence, patience, and gentleness. But they’re more than just a pretty face! They are also highly trainable.

It’s no wonder they’re the third most popular dog in the U.S., only outranked by the labrador and the French bulldog.

The Golden retriever’s roots can be traced back to the Scottish Highlands in the late 19th century.

Their Origin

A man named Lord Tweedmouth wanted to a dog that could retrieve game, and did this by crossing a yellow-colored retriever with a Tweed Water Spaniel.

His aim was to create a breed with a keen sense of smell, a gentle mouth, and an affinity for water – all traits that make them excellent hunting companions.

What Did Tweedmouth Have in Mind?

Originally, the aim wasn’t to make them the beloved family dog that they are known as today, but rather Tweedmouth wanted the perfect gun dog.

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