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Both of these animals are native to the African continent, but with very different adaptations.

Let's assess the Gorilla Vs. Aardvark

The Gorilla can measure up to 6 feet tall and weigh up to 400 pounds.

The Aardvark grows up to to 4 feet long and weigh up to 130 pounds.

Size: Gorilla Vs. Aardvark

Gorillas live in dense forests, swamps, and mountains.

Aardvarks live in various habitats, from savannas to deserts.

Habitat: Gorilla Vs. Aardvark

They have broad shoulders, muscular build, and distinctive black fur. Their arms are long and elongated, which can stretch up to 7 feet.

Gorilla: Physical Characteristics

A full-grown gorilla can lift up to 10 times its body weight, making it one of the strongest animals in the world!

They have a long, pig-like snout, tapering ears, and a slender body covered with coarse, brown hair.

Aardvark: Physical Characteristics

It plays a significant role in shaping its environment by digging through soil and move it around to help it redistribute nutrients.

Gorilla: Social Behavior

Gorillas have a unique familial structure within their groups, headed by a dominant male, that involves nurturing relationships and protecting their young.

The Aardvark is a solitary animal, they prefer to spend their time alone, with each individual constructing and inhabiting its own burrow.

Aardvark: Social Behavior

Gorillas are currently classified as critically endangered due to habitat destruction, poaching, and disease.

Conservation Status: Gorilla

Aardvarks, are not currently classified as endangered, but their habitat is under threat due to human activities.

Conservation Status: Aardvark

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Let's compare some other species!

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