Who would win: Gorilla vs Lion

Ultimate Battle: Gorillas and lions are two of the most powerful, fast, and well-armed animals in the world. They could easily kill humans or other large animals. But if they were to fight each other, who would win? Let's find out!

Gorilla vs. Lion: Size

An adult lion can weigh up to 500 pounds, while a giant gorilla typically weighs 440 pounds. That is nearly exactly the same. The gorilla is only approximately 5 feet tall, but the lion can grow up to 8 feet.

Gorilla vs. Lion: Speed and Movement Type

Lions can sprint at 35 mph, nearly ten mph faster than the fastest gorilla. When ambushing their prey, lions use their incredible speed to gain the momentum necessary to strike their target.

While doing this, gorillas use a technique known as “knuckle-walking,” which involves placing their hands on the ground and using that to help them move forward to sprint swiftly.

Gorilla vs. Lion:  Bite Power

Despite being known for their hunting prowess, lions’ biting force is just 650 PSI, comparable to that of a large dog. They do possess enormous fangs that are each 4 inches long.

Gorillas are aggressive biters who rip through substantial vegetation with their 1300 PSI bite force as part of their feeding. Gorillas’ attacks on foes would be terrible if they used their powerful bite.

Gorilla vs. Lion: Intelligence

In terms of pure intelligence, the gorilla is superior. They are brilliant animals that can utilize tools and have been taught to use sign language to interact with humans.

Gorilla vs. Lion: SENSES

In terms of hearing and vision, gorillas’ senses are essentially comparable to those of humans; only their sense of smell is more developed.

The senses of a lion are significantly superior. They have outstanding daytime and nighttime eyesight. In the right circumstances, they can detect prey up to two kilometers away by the scent and have keen hearing.