Hammerheads’ Thrilling Visit in Alabama’s Waters


Imagine spending a day in the sun...

...when suddenly, you’re not alone in the water

That’s exactly what happened to a large group of boaters recently.

In a video posted by Meredith Perry, the few swimmers left in the water are seen leaping up into their boat as the hammerheads swim ever closer.

Perry’s fiancé, Paul Hubble, estimated that as many as eight sharks were swimming between the boats.

The sight of the hammerheads, noticeable by their distinct head shape, caused quite a stir as people scrambled onto the boats.

In a twist to the tale, Hubble decided to stay in the water even as everyone else ran for it.

Hubble’s decision to stay with the hammerheads provides a unique perspective.

The sharks stuck around for about 10 minutes before swimming out to deeper waters.

Which provided a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the boaters.

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