By Josie  April 22nd, 2024

Have You Ever Seen a Panda Snacking on a Carrot?

Our lives can be filled with worries, and we all need a daily dose of cuteness. Do yourself a favor and watch this video of a panda snacking on a carrot – it might just be the cutest thing ever.

Being such adorable creatures, anything and everything they do is adorable – not to mention the satisfying ASMR their crunching and snacking produces.

The Footage

While bamboo is their go-to (14 hours a day), it doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy a nice crisp carrot too.

Bamboo compromises more than 99% of a panda’s diet, even though bamboo actually has a really low nutritional value.

Their Typical Bamboo Diet

Although pandas were originally carnivorous, they have evolved over time and no longer have digestive enzymes that can break down other foods such as meat or other plants.

Could you even imagine eating the same thing for your whole life?

While they can’t actually break down any other sorts of food, they do sometimes snack on veggies, fruits, and even meat from time to time – when living in captivity, that is.

Can They Eat Other Things?

Given the low nutritional value of bamboo, pandas can be seen to perpetually snack.

They spend a large chunk of their day eating — up to 14 hours. To get all the nutrients they need, a panda has to eat up tp 40 pounds of bamboo on a daily basis.

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