By Josie  November 27th, 2023

Heartbroken Cat Watches Mufasa Scene From Lion King

In an age where digital media is omnipresent, it’s not just humans who find themselves captivated by the glowing allure of screens.

The cat in this video watches the Mufasa scene from the Lion King, which we can all agree is just about the saddest scene out of all the Disney movies.

The cat gets off the couch and starts pawing at the screen and Simba’s face. Perhaps trying to comfort the now orphaned lion cub?

Cat Watches Mufasa Scene

Do Cats Understand What's Happening on TV?

According to studies, cats can indeed perceive images on TV screens. Naturally, though, their understanding of them is different from ours.

While it’s unlikely that cats comprehend TV content as humans do, they are certainly capable of recognizing shapes and movements, which can be intriguing or even stimulating for them.

They may be drawn to images of other cats due to their territorial nature and curiosity about other animals.

Why Do Cats React to Other Cats on TV?

With the rise of pet-centric videos and television channels, our furry friends are spending more time in front of screens.

Pets and Screentime

Sure, screen time can definitely provide mental stimulation for pets. But it’s crucial to balance it with physical activity.

The same way you would with a kid’s screen time, as a cat owner you need to monitor your pets’ screen time.

How Much Screen Time Should my Cat Get?

A healthy balance between digital stimulation and real-world activities is crucial for the well-being of our feline friends.

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