By Josie  April 19th, 2023





Both of these animals are some of the most enormous land animals and reign on the African savannah.

It's battle time: Hippo Vs. Elephant

Hippo Vs. Elephant: Size

Hippos measure 9-16 feet in length, and 3,500-9,920 pounds in weight

Elephants are even bigger, they are 10 feet in length and weigh 13,200 pounds.

Hippos are most commonly found in large rivers, lakes, and swamps throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

Elephants inhabit various ecosystems such as savannahs, forests, and deserts.

Hippos are herbivores and feed primarily on grass and other plant matter - on a daily basis they consume 80 pounds of food.

Diet of Hippos

Elephants are herbivores, and their diet primarily consists of leaves, twigs, and bark.

Diet of Elephants

They consume up to 300 pounds of vegetation everyday.

Despite weighing up to 4,000 pounds, hippos can run as fast as 30 miles per hour.

Hippo Vs. Elephant: Speed

Elephants can move at a speed of up to 25 miles per hour.

Additionally, hippos have poor eyesight, which makes them vulnerable to predators.


Both animals often suffer from from heat exhaustion in hot climates.

Defence Mechanisms of Hippos

These creatures have razor-sharp teeth and can deliver fatal bites that can even kill a lion.

Elephants may become aggressive when they feel threatened, and their charge can be deadly.

Defence Mechanisms of Elephants

They also use their long trunks to grab and throw objects at predators.