By Josie  September 7th, 2023

Hostile Interaction Between Hyena and Lions End In Friendly Drink

A hostile interaction between a hyena and a pride of lions ends in a friendly drink around the watering hole.

Much like a human disagreement would.

The video begins with palpable tension - the hyena’s fur bristles, a clear sign of distress and aggression.

An Impeding Fight

An Impeding Fight

A warning bark echoes – it seems a fierce battle is inevitable. But then, a shift occurs. The hyena moves towards the watering hole.

The lions follow suit, but we’re not yet sure of the lions’ intentions.

At the water’s edge, a truce unfolds. They drink side by side, a picture of unexpected harmony. 

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The video captures this peaceful moment, a testament to the savannah’s ever-changing dynamics.

Why Don't Lions Eat Hyenas?

A mutual respect exists, acknowledging each other’s roles in the savannah’s intricate web of life.

While they are competitors, lions usually prefer larger prey. Hyenas, being scavengers, often feed on the remains left by lions.

Why Hyenas Fluff Up Their Fur

They can fluff up their fur, making themselves appear larger and more formidable.

This act is a clear signal to potential threats, a warning that they are ready to fight if necessary.

Yellow Wavy Line
Yellow Wavy Line

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