How and Why Orcas are Dominating False Bay


Until recently, False Bay was globally renowned for its dense population of great white sharks.

However, sudden disappearances have left researchers and marine biologists perplexed.

This mystery was gradually unraveled with the increased sightings of orcas.

While these magnificent creatures have always existed around South African waters, their deliberate forays into False Bay are a recent development.

Further, it is widely accepted that orcas prey on sharks, explicitly targeting their liver, a nutrient-rich organ full of fat.

This alarming dietary preference can explain the sharks’ sudden disappearance.

This shift in apex predators is not without consequences.

The decline of great white sharks, key players in the marine food chain....

...has led to a surge in the populations of mid-level predators like seals and smaller shark species.

This imbalance can greatly impact the ecosystem’s overall health, affecting everything from the kelp forests to the local fisheries.

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