How to Catch a Lizard

People want to catch lizards for several reasons. Some people might find  having lizards crawling around openly in their houses unpleasant.

Some people keep it as a pet, while others use it as a natural pesticide.

Although most lizards are harmless to people, some can bite you badly. The Mexican beaded lizard and the Gila Monster both have toxic venom.


The lizard is a steady creature that can often be found in the same area and sometimes even in the same spot.

Identify the Location

Place the buckets at the lizard’s regular spot. Lizards enjoy hiding in holes.

Close Escape Points

Note its size, coloration, and other characteristics if you can get close enough to it.

Identify the Lizard

– Thick leather gloves. – A container with enough air openings to hold the lizard temporarily. – Lizard-friendly foods, including insects, fruits, and vegetables, to use as bait.

Gather all Supplies

If you come across a lizard in your target region, approach it quietly and slowly.It would still alarm the lizard and make it cautious.

Move Toward It Slowly

Sprinkle cold water on the lizard using a spray bottle to slow it down.  After spraying, gently point the lizard in the direction of the bucket.

Wet the Lizard

If you had to place a trap to capture the lizard, make sure to check it at least once every few hours. Once caught, always return it to the wild.

Always Return It

Collecting lizards is tricky but not that difficult. All you need is a basic trap.

Wrapping Up

There is still so much more to discover!

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