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By Josie February 27th, 2023

Hamster's Home

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Let's take a look!

Our pets constitute family and their health and happiness is naturally a matter of outmost importance!

Here's some tips for enriching your hamster's cage (and life!)

Why Is Enrichment Needed?

Providing a cage with bedding, food, and water is part of the basic care of pet hamsters.

But it's equally important that your hamster stays mentally stimulated in order for them to be truly happy hamsters.

Enriching their cage will mimic materials found in the wild, and your hamster will feel more comfortable.

#1 Deep Bedding

This will enable the hamster to mimic natural digging behavior.

Large hamsters should have bedding that is at least 10 inches deep.

#2 A Hideout

This is a necessary hiding spot rather than a toy and is essential to every hamster’s habitat or home.

Hamsters will require privacy in their cage, particularly when they are young or newly purchased.

#3 Sand Baths

Sand is used for digging, rolling, and grooming.

It can also be used as a litter box by some hamsters.

#4 Toys

Wheels, strings, ladders, chew toys, and a variety of playthings should be accessible to your hamster.

Change the toys regularly to give your hamster a variety.

#5 A Food Dish

A basic hamster cage should include a large, deep-feeding dish.

You can also put treat on a stick to make it harder to eat fruits and veggies.

#6 A Hamster Wheel

The hamster wheel is an essential and multi-purpose component of any hamster cage.

The whirling hamster wheel provides them with the necessary daily activity.

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With all these components you will have a happy hamster in a happy home!