Claude the koala plant theif

For weeks, Humphrey Herington, the owner of an Australian nursery, has been on a mission to pinpoint the culprit responsible for thousands of plants disappearing

But there have been instances where cougars have decided to take on the pack mentality employing calculated ambush tactics.

The plant thief in question is none other than a koala named Claude, whose pilfering activities have incurred a hefty cost of $6,000 (£3,000; $3,800) for the nursery.

Prospects of generating profits have been undermined due to Claude, the koala, who developed a strong preference for saplings.

Koalas typically devour about 500 to 800 grams of Eucalyptus leaves within a single day.

They primarily eat the leaves from certain eucalyptus tree species, which are toxic to most other animals. Their specialized digestive system helps them break down these tough leaves.

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