10 Interesting Animals

The animal kingdom is varied, with an estimated 7.77 million kinds of creatures on the earth.

While the richness of the earth’s  biodiversity is well recognized, humans are frequently unaware of the  fantastic things our animal counterparts can do.

Human fingerprints are surprisingly similar to Koala fingerprints. So much so that they’ve been mistaken for human fingerprints at crime scenes.

#1. Human and Koala Fingerprints

Rhino horns are formed with the same protein that makes up your hair and nails: keratin.

#2. Rhino Horn is made of hair

An interesting fact about animal number two: you can hypnotize a frog by softly caressing its tummy while it is lying down on its back.

#3. Frogs and hypnotism

The name “sloth” is associated with “slow” because their food is deficient in calories and nourishment, sloths have evolved to expend extremely little energy.

#4. Sloths and food breakdown

There’s a simple explanation for this:  they don’t have to. Most jumpy creatures, such as kangaroos, monkeys,  and frogs, do so to avoid predators.

#5. Elephants can’t jump

In her lifetime, a cow produces about 200,000 cups of milk. Cows are incredible creatures.

#6. Cows and milk production

Giraffes do not have vocal cords. For many years, it was considered that giraffes spend most of their lives silent, except for the odd snort. 

#7. Giraffes are mute

The ostrich is the world’s most enormous bird, with the most prominent eyes in the domain of mammals, which are even larger than its brain.

#8. Ostrich’s brain size vs. eyeball

Because they fall off trees frequently, around half of the orangutans have damaged bones.

#9. Orangutans and broken bones

Want to know what the 10th most interesting animal is?

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