By Josie October 18th, 2023

Israeli Rescue Worker Cares For Shell-Shocked Dog

Footage from the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict shows and Israeli rescue worker that cares for a shell-shocked dog – because yes, our pets get shell-shock too.

Currently media is full of tragic news from the ongoing war in Gaza.

However, as in most warfare, we often forget the impact the violence has on our four legged companions.

A Viral Video

A Viral Video

Within a few hours, the short clip had been shared widely, reaching millions of viewers from across the world.

This viral video underlines how social media has become a new component of warfare.

In our technological age, it’s videos like this one that provide the world with a real-time view of ongoing political conflicts.

Above all, this video puts an often disregarded issue in the limelight: how warfare affects animals.

The Plight of Animals in Warzones

In the midst of human tragedy, it is easy to forget that our furry companions face the same dangers and sufferings as we do.

We witness a rescue worker approaching a limping dog. Despite being timid and fearful, the dog still allows the rescue worker to come close and pet him.

The Footage

We probably can’t even begin to imagine what this poor dog has had to live through. Dogs, just like us humans, suffer from shell shock too.

Public Response

People from all around the world applaud the incredible humanity and selflessness shown by rescuers and civilians alike.

Luckily, dark times like these also showcases the brighter side of humanity.

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