By Josie  September 14th, 2023

Leopard Scales Tree With 80-Pound Prey In Seconds

This leopard easily scales a tree with its 80-pound prey like it’s nothing.

Meanwhile, we humans find it daunting to bring more than one grocery bag inside.

Leopard Scales Tree

Not only was the leopard in the video escaping an approaching hyena. More importantly, it was protecting its hard-earned meal.

It underscores the leopard’s acute awareness of its surroundings and its readiness to respond to threats with lightning speed.

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The Unparalleled Strength of Leopards

The leopard in the video effortlessly scaled a tree with a 80-pound impala securely held in its jaws.

Leopards and Hyenas

In the intricate web of the African ecosystem, leopards and hyenas often find themselves in a complex relationship.

Both being carnivorous predators, they vie for the same prey, leading to fierce encounters and territorial disputes.

Hyenas, known for their scavenging habits, are not above stealing a leopard’s hard-earned kill.

The Strategy of Avoidance

Despite its formidable strength, the leopard opted to avoid a direct confrontation with the hyena.

Engaging with the hyena could have resulted in injury and the potential loss of its meal.

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