20 Animals That Call The Great Sand Dunes National Park Home


great sand dunes national park via unsplash

Let’s dive in and find out what animals call the Great Sand Dunes National Park home.  The national park spans across 107,342 acres and is located in southern Colorado.

These small rodents are well-adapted to the arid environment of the sand dunes, with specialized kidneys that allow them to survive without drinking water for long periods.

kangaroo rat via unsplash

Kangaroo Rat

These majestic creatures are often spotted scaling the rocky slopes surrounding the dunes, showcasing their impressive climbing abilities.

bighorn sheep via unsplash

Bighorn Sheep

These adorable rabbits are common inhabitants of the dunes, using their keen senses to navigate the harsh desert terrain.

desert cottontail via unsplash

Desert Cottontail

While not exclusive to the dunes, these social rodents can be found in the grasslands surrounding the park, where they create extensive underground burrow systems.

Black-tailed Prairie Dog via unsplash

Black-tailed Prairie Dog

A nocturnal predator, the Great Horned Owl can be found roosting in the trees and cliffs around the dunes, preying on small mammals and birds.

Great Horned Owl via unsplash

Great Horned Owl

This bird of prey can often be spotted soaring above the dunes, hunting for rodents and small birds.

Prairie Falcon via unsplash

Prairie Falcon

kit fox via unsplash

These small foxes are well-adapted to desert life, with large ears to dissipate heat and keen hunting skills.

Kit Fox


mountain lion via unsplash