Jan Nowatschin, 01/20/2023

Lion vs. Tiger

Size When put in comparison, tigers are longer than lions. The maximum length of a lion will be 10 ft, while the full size a tiger is recorded to have passed is 12 ft.

Similarly, male tigers weigh more than lions. Female tigers weigh around 300 pounds, while female lions have reached up to 250 pounds.



Habitat Lions are found in Africa and India.

Habitat Tigers are available in India, Russia, China and Southeast Asia. This geographic distribution is another property that will help you tell them apart.

Lion have a bite power of 650 lbs. 

Bite Power

Bite Power  Tiger have a bite power of up to 950 lbs.

Life Span Lions can live up to 18 years in the wild. However, it has been noted that lions in captivity with the proper care have lived up to 24 years.

The same case is with tigers. Tigers have been recorded to live more than 25 years in captivity with proper monitoring. In the wild, tigers live around 10-11 years.

Life Span

Life Span

Hunting Lions move in groups called prides. Prides have more female lions and only one or two male lions, and pride has around twenty lions who group to hunt where the female lion makes the attack.

Hunting On the other hand, tigers hunt alone, and they do not move or stay in groups. The young Tiger may stick around with the mother for a while until it reaches age.

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