Longest Biking Trails In The United States

You can't buy happiness, but you don't have to when you can get around on two wheels. That is because a long and uninterrupted bike ride is all you need to be happy and experience euphoria. 

Experts believe biking is a great for the mind. Apart from that, it’s an incredible sport to stay healthy and fit.

Biking along the long trails will also give you an opportunity to explore the beauty of the world.

TransAmerica Bike Trail

The great TransAmerica bike trail is the king of all biking trails. It’s longer than any other trail and more beautiful than your expectations.

Lewis & Clark Bike Trail

The most exciting feature is that it passes through 11 different states of America, providing a great opportunity to explore the diverse beauty of the United States.

Cowboy Trail

The distinctive quality of this rail trail is that it can be used for many purposes such as hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, dog sledding, and biking.

Katy Trail State Park

The trail is almost 240 miles long and is located along the state of Missouri. It was initially built on old railroad lines that have a history dating back to the late 1800s. 

Palouse to Cascades States Park Trail

The beauty of this historic biking trail is that it offers countless scenic views and the serenity of the place is another added benefit.

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