Top 10 Longest Living Animals

Curious about the 10 Longest Living Animals?

Turritopsis dohrnii, the Immortal Jellyfish, is now officially recognized as the only immortal creature. 

#1 Immortal Jellyfish

Corals, sponges, and other organisms living deep in the ocean are protected from temperature changes and intense storms and thus frquently live thousands of years.

#2 Sea Sponge

Ocean quahogs are among the world’s longest-living aquatic invertebrates. They can live for at least 200 years off the coast of the United States.

#3 Ocean Quahog

The Greenland shark, a 5-meter-long predator, and may live for more than 400 years, making it the longest-living vertebrate

#4 Greenland Shark

Bowhead whales are the world’s longest-living mammals, with lifespans of over 200 years. They can grow up to 60 feet long yet leap entirely out of the water.

#5 Bowhead Whale

Can you believe these hardened creatures survive unforgiving environments for up to 200 years- some even surpassing 400 years.

#6 Red Sea Urchin

The Rough-Eyed Rockfish, have been known to live for almost 200 years.

#7 Rough-Eyed Rockfish

Freshwater pearl mussels are ideal bioindicators because they are long-lived and susceptible to environmental changes.

#8 Fresh Water Mussel Pearl

The tube worm can live for over 300 years in an environment with a year-round abundance of food and no predators.

#9 Tube Worm

The Galapogos giant turtle have one of the longest lifespans of any land vertebrates, averaging over a century. On record, the oldest tortoise lived to be 175.

#10 Galapagos Giant Tortoise

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