By Josie  April 4th, 2023

Loyal and Loving:

the  chartreux

Let's get to know this kitten:

The Chartreux Cat has been around since the middle ages. 

No wonder, since it's known for its loyalty, intelligence, and affection.

Origin of the Chartreux

It is believed to have been developed by Carthusian monks seeking ‘good-natured’ companionship.

They originated in France during the middle ages. 

Later the Chartreux also became super popular with the French monarchy.

These felines often live to be 20 years old.

They have few health issues, maybe because they evolved naturally and not subject to selective breeding practices.


Coat of the Chartreux

The coat is semi-thick and water-repellent, giving them an overall plush look.

They have dense coats ranging from light gray to charcoal blue.


These cats need little grooming due to their short coats that rarely mat or tangle.

These cats are highly intelligent creatures; they can be taught tricks and commands just like a dog.


The Chartreux is often described as being quite independent and dignified.

They won't demand your attention all day, but come cuddle time - they'll shower you with affection.

They will appreciate regular playtime indoors but also benefit from access to an outdoor area to explore

But if they're let outside, keep a close eye as they're prone to being adventurous!

Exercise Needs

Their eyes are typically large and attractive, colored between yellow and orange hues.

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