Male Cat Vs. Female Cat

Thinking about welcoming a fluffy feline into your family? In this story we’ve compared the male cat vs female cat to help you decide which one would suit you best!

Just like humans, cats have some gender distinctions. Studies tell us that male and female cats have many differences in their behavior, physique, habits, and personality traits.

This comparison will not only increase your knowledge, but it will also help you decide which one is better for you to adopt and take care of.


One can guess the gender of new kittens by the shape, size, and distance from the anus of their reproductive parts. Moreover, male cats have testicles as well.

Physical Appearance

Like all other male animals, male cats have a heavy and tall build. They tend to weigh more and appear taller than female felines.

Sexual Maturity

A male feline would need around nine months to more than a year to gain sexual maturity. A female kitten can attain sexual maturity at only seven months.


The average life span of cats, irrespective of gender, is 11 to 15 years. Life expectancy has more to do with breed than with gender.


There is no proof of one particular gender being healthier than the other. The overall health gets better if the cat is spayed.

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