By Josie  April 16th, 2024

Man Brushes Hippo's Teeth

A video from Osaka Zoo shows a man who brushes a hippo’s teeth (and the brush is probably even bigger than a broom.) 

Although it looks adorable, you should also know that they have some of the largest teeth and one of the strongest bite forces in the whole animal kingdom!

The video shows a hippo getting a full mouth service at Osaka Zoo. After patiently keeping its mouth open it’s of course rewarded with a snack – bananas and sweet potato.

The Video

Out of all the “traditional” safari animals, I believe the hippo is one of the cutest with tiny ears and chunk bodies. But, don’t let their looks fool you!

Chunky But Dangerous

They are among the most dangerous animals in the world. You definitely don’t want to be chased by these 3,000 pounds animals

Not only are they massive, they are extremely territorial and can be very aggressive, especially if they feel threatened.

Again, this feels counterintuitive to their adorable faces, but hippos are responsible for more human fatalities in Africa than any other large animal.

Responsible For the Most Deaths

On average, they’re responsible for 500 deaths. This number is notable when compared to lions, usually responsible for about 20 annual deaths.

Their powerful bite is capable of exerting pressure of up to 2,000 pounds per square inch, making them incredibly dangerous even to well-intentioned humans.

What Makes Them So Dangerous?

In contrast to many other large animals, their teeth are primarily used for combat rather than for eating (remember, they’re vegetarians.)

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