Marin Bullock’s Moose-headed Marvels


Instagram is a visual smorgasbord filled with an eclectic mix of art, culture, and talent.

Marin Bullock, a uniquely creative force, has emerged from this crowd, capturing the attention of the internet with his imaginative hybrid animals.

One of his most beloved series, intriguingly named “When Animals Go Canadian” features a delightful fusion of ten different animals with a moose’s head.

Let’s dive into to Martin’s Moose-headed Marvels.

The first of his series is a sweet concoction of innocence and majesty — the Pup-Moose.

The second installation introduced us to a beast of unprecedented majesty:  the Brown Moose-Bear.

Imagine a seal’s sleek aquatic form capped with a moose’s head. The result is the Seal-Moose.

The Snail-Moose may seem absurd, but Bullock’s interpretation infuses it with a delightful charm.

Fusing a wolf’s body with a moose’s head results in the striking Wolf-Moose.

The White Squirrel-Moose is a fascinating creature that pairs a white squirrel’s rarity with a moose’s grandeur.

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