Mass Deaths of Dolphins in the Black Sea Linked to the Russians


Dolphins have died in the Black Sea in April due to whaOver 100 dolphins scientists have determined are military sonars.

Over 100 

Doctor of Ecology, Reported that the deaths are directly linked to Russian Military actions

Ivan Rusev

While more than 100 dead animals have been recorded, scientists believe the death toll exceeds 


Bottlenose dolphins have surpassed Azov and common dolphins, which led the category in 2022 as the species with the highest death toll.

Rusev thinks that the mass deaths are happening even with the relatively low activity of the Russian fleet.

Bottlenose dolphins play a crucial role in marine ecosystems. As apex predators, they help regulate their prey populations, such as fish and squid, and maintain a healthy balance in the food chain.

Bottlenose dolphins are also important indicators of the health of marine environments.

It is thus most essential that these animals are preserved.

Rusev claims that the "racist mutants and invaders" do not value nature, culture, or free people.

Further, he accuses the individuals responsible for the deaths as "crazy barbarians - and prophages, murderers" who have been destroying cities and towns and killing people for over a year.

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