By Josie  September 4th, 2023

Massive Monitor Lizard Scales Shelf at Seven-Eleven

This massive monitor lizard was in the mood for a snack and scaled a shelf at Seven-Eleven.

This event, which was both shocking and amusing, has caused a stir all across the world.

The Footage

The Footage

In Bangkok, a massive monitor lizard scales a fully-stacked shelf unit with a determined spirit in search for a snack.

The lizard had emerged from a nearby canal and ran into the store, possibly in search of food.

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A shop assistant promptly called the police, who arrived with reptile handlers to manage the situation.

Their Usual Diet

Monitor lizards are generally carnivorous creatures, feasting on a diet that includes insects, birds, small mammals, and eggs.

The Largest Lizards?

Despite their significant size, they are dwarfed by the largest lizard on the planet, the Komodo dragon.

On average, monitor lizards can stretch to lengths of 6.6 feet.

Komodo dragon, which holds the crown with an astonishing average length of up to 10 feet.

Being second onl to he komodo dragon, we're reminded of the monitor lizard’s remarkable position in the hierarchy of lizards gracing our Earth.

Monitor Lizard Vs. Komodo Dragon

They generally have a more slender build compared to the robust and muscular structure of the Komodo dragons.

The massive monitor lizard scaling a shelf at a Seven-Eleven is a testament to the unexpected encounters that can occur in our daily lives.

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