Birds Use Earth’s Magnetic Field 

Migratory birds have always captivated our imagination.

Understanding their navigation skills has been a subject of fascination for generations.

Recent scientific breakthroughs have finally unveiled the astonishing truth behind their remarkable abilities.

These birds possess what can only be described as a “quantum compass” within their eyes.

This remarkable discovery sheds light on how these birds, representing  over half of all bird species, manage to embark on long and perilous  journeys in search of food as winter’s chill descends.

Migratory birds embark on their incredible journeys to escape the impending cold of winter.

Whether they are flying from the northern reaches of the planet to the  southern hemisphere or from one continent to another, their  determination is unwavering.

What’s truly mind-boggling is that, even when their destination lies on  land, many birds opt to take the most direct route, even if it means  traversing large bodies of water.

Two separate studies, one focused on zebra finches and the other on European robins, have uncovered a mind-boggling secret.

Some migrating birds have proteins in their eyes that grant them a kind  of “sixth sense,” allowing them to detect Earth’s magnetic field.

This internal compass provides them with the guidance they need to undertake their extraordinary journeys.

There is still more to learn about these incredible creatures!

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